Retractable Fly Screens

Welcome to CIANI Screens

Enjoy the fresh air and keep insects out without compromising the interior. The awardwinning CIANI screens have been developed with new technology, the CIANI System, enhancing both the function and physical appearance of your existing windows and doors.

Made and manufactured in Australia, our products are convenient, highly efficient and designed to be invisible when retro fitted to existing windows and doors. Suitable for most styles of windows and doors, CIANI Screens will complement your French, Bi-Fold, Sliding, Stacker doors and all types of windows.

Stylish Design Attractive , Wind Resistant

Four sides of the mesh have been sewn with PVC film and the insides of the film run along the tracks. Thus mesh will not derail from track even in strong winds. All parts are made from non-corrosive materials so the product can be installed to building exteriors without any problems. The product has been installed with an oil-decelerator and a geardecelerator to prevent the handle from hitting the cassette when rewinding. Also the
tension in spring can be easily adjusted by turning the screw attached to cassette.

Easy to Operate and Versatile

You can easily lock the screen by pressing the "Push" button. The product boasts a simple and neat design, which allows you to adjust the screen and stop it from rolling at any point.
It is designed to fit almost any openings including internal reveals and faces and external surfaces of windows.

Quick and Easy Installation

Every product is equipped with double-sided tape for a quick and easy installation. It allows you to check whether the product has been correctly set up before installing it with screws.

Choose CIANI Screens [ 10 Reasons ]

  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Easy operation
  • Value for money
  • Superior functioning system
  • Suit any windows and doors
  • Low maintenance
  • Blends in with your existing decor
  • Able to stop in multiple positions
  • Does not spoil the interior or exterior of the building and home